No one wished to sell the yacht «to Gazprom»

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A couple of weeks ago we wrote about an epic tender of Gazprom's Tomsk subsidiary «» . Then «Gazprom transgaz Tomsk» wanted to buy a new boat, but in the tender documentation it got confused with the manufacturers, attributing the Finnish Targa 44 to the British shipyard Fairline. Bids on the tender were accepted until February 13 and the winner was to be announced on March 10. However, even now it is possible to summarize the results. The tender turned out to be a failure - no one wanted to participate in it.

«No bids were received from the participants. The commission decided to declare the RFP failed», the Interfax-Siberia news agency «reports».

It is not known whether there will be another attempt to purchase the yacht. But we hope that next time «Gazprom's specialists» will properly elaborate the conditions of the tender.

It should be reminded that «Gazprom transgaz Tomsk» intended to purchase a vessel for maintenance and diagnostic operations in the water areas of the Tom and Ob Rivers. The company was going to spend about $1.5 million for the yacht.

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