The yacht «The Wolf of Wall Street» is for rent

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A charter yacht that took part in the shooting of the acclaimed film «The Wolf of Wall Street», is available for rent. A week's stay with Lady M will cost $125k. This opportunity existed before but after her high-profile debut in the movie and proper publicity, the number of guests wishing to take her for a spin may well increase.

The 145' vessel accommodates up to 10 passengers and has 5 well appointed cabins. Lady M was formerly known as Raven and in Scorsese's movie she was portrayed as Nadine, the yacht of famous investment broker Jordan Belfort.

As the film is based on real events, the Nadine existed in reality and even belonged to Coco Chanel for a while, but the original boat can't be rented: She sank in 1997 during a powerful storm in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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