«Kiwi» raised money for VOR circumnavigation

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A little more information has emerged about the participation of Spanish-New Zealand crew Emirates Team New Zealand in the Volvo Ocean Race. If sources are to be believed, one of the team's sponsors is «Gazprom».

European publications report that Grant Dalton, head of the team, travelled to Spain and Singapore and met with representatives of the gas giant. A deal is rumoured to have been struck and the Russian monopoly will make a substantial financial contribution to bringing Emirates Team New Zealand back on track. Regatta CEO Knut Frostad was also reported to have brokered the deal.

«Presumably «Gazprom» and Emirates Airlines have invested a combined €10 million in the team (another €2 million» came from the New Zealand government), €6 million was added by Spanish insurance group Mapfre.

The team is awaiting no official comments, and due to the aggravated situation in Ukraine the viability of the agreement with «Gazprom» is highly questionable.

It was known last week that Emirates Team New Zealand found new sponsors and will take part in the new season of Volvo Ocean Race. Even then it was timidly announced about possible attraction of funds from Russian investors.

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