Rosetti sold its first superyacht

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A year after entering the superyacht market, Italy's Rosetti Superyachts has announced that it has signed its first contract with a European client to build a 38-metre steel Explorer designed by Hydro Tec. Work will be carried out at the San Vitale shipyard in Ravennaand will take two yearsto complete.

Rosetti Marino SpA, founded in 1925, is a world leader in the construction of commercial ships - from tugboats and oil platforms to passenger ferries. The company itself manufactures advanced propulsion, automation, navigation and control systems for its ships. To break new ground in the segment of superyachts, support vessels and expedition boats from 40 to 150 meters in length, Rosetti Marino created the Rosetti Superyachts division at the end of 2017.

The new structure was the first to announce the design of an 85-metre support vessel. Its designer,Tommaso Spadolini , has also designed a 43-metre Explorer for Rosetti Superyachts , which until now was the only one in the yard's portfolio. Hydro Tec, which will be working on the current project, is also responsible for the design of the other, 55-metre support vessel.

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