Yachting startup raises $1.5 million in investment

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It is not often that online yachting projects make the "startup" news bulletins. Nevertheless, the Swiss website Sailogy has succeeded. The online yacht rental site has received $1.5 million in funding, which will be used to promote the project, expand its range of products, and create photos available for chartering yachts. Sailogy is a young project, its beta-version appeared on the web last year.

Using the service private individuals can hire yachts and charter companies can provide them. Already now 265 companies cooperate with this resource and it is possible to rent 4500 thousand sailing vessels. According to the company, the number of boats available grows by 100 every month. Moreover, every month 750 deals are performed through Sailogy, with applications for charter coming from users in Europe, USA, UK and Russia.

It is estimated that the project will become not only more popular but also more profitable after the proper use of investments. This year the expected profit is $3 mln. (for comparison: last year the creators of the site earned over $150 thous.). Ambitious.

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