Russian developers have created a mobile English-Russian dictionary

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The free application Yacht Dictionary has about 3 thousand cards (about 10 thousand word forms). For now, it is only available onAndroid, but, according to the developers, before the release of the version on iOS platform is also not long - just two weeks.

« in the future there will also be a paid version, adapted for tablets and not requiring the Internet, but it is a couple of months. The main Russian version has been free and will remain»," Igor Raikhman, one of the app's creators, told Facebook.

The dictionary includes words from charter companies' check lists, regatta and technical terms, SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases; speech formulas for marine communication), abbreviations, official abbreviations, names of flags MSC-65 and shipbuilding terms. Many words have not only translations but also explanations. In addition to transcription of English terms, there is also a voice-over function.
The desired term can be found either through «Search», or through its corresponding topic tab.

In the future the number of dictionary entries will be increased. For example, it is planned to add a section «Radio talks».

The first users have noticed that the section «Flags» is not yet provided with illustrations. The developers promised to fix this in the updates.

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