Unknown persons hacked into Monaco Yacht Show email

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Organizers of Monaco Yacht Show discovered that someone was sending fake invitations to the show from the official email [email protected].

On 21 January, an email that was actually a phishing email and had nothing to do with the show went viral through the contact database.

« Please, DO NOT ACCEPT this email and DO NOT OPEN the files it may contain»," the organizers urgently asked in a new email from the address [email protected].

They also notified all recipients of the newsletter that they have decided to stop using the hacked address.

« Thank you for your consideration. Our team is always on line if you have any doubts about any future e-mails you might receive on behalf of Monaco Yacht Show», - added the organizers of the show.

How many people received the malicious emails was not specified.

This year Monaco Yacht Show will be held for the 29th time. Official dates for the show are September 25-28.

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