The Dutch have crossed the kite and the tender

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Dutchmen Peter Renssen and Peter Schremer have created a hybrid watercraft: the Kitetender has no motor, no mast and no sails, but it has a kite attached directly to the hull.

For 15 years, the creators of the project hatched the idea of creating an ideal kitesurfing boat, and then they tested various prototypes for over 4 years. Now the team of enthusiasts is ready to bring their project to the market, having assigned the trade name Kitetender 400 to it.

According to Kitetender's developers, they operate the kite in the same way as a usual kite - manually.

At that, speed of such a boat can reach 20 knots and it is possible to have two people on board.

For now the price of the 13-foot fiberglass boat is €5,299, while the price of the aluminum boat is €19,999. Both product variants are available for pre-order.

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