Richard Branson is starting a cruise company

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Sir Richard Branson plans to launch a new project. This time the billionaire will create a cruise ship company, reports The National.

Several cruise ships will be built as part of the $1.7 billion project development, the Virgin chief specifies:

«We want to make a groundbreaking company and are trying to develop a cruise ship that would appeal to people who have never even thought about going sailing».

«We will offer more entertainment and recreational opportunities on board our ships, make them more interesting for young audience», - complements the words of Branson unnamed representative of Virgin.

At the moment, the billionaire is reportedly trying to attract investors and has hired Allen & Co, a small investment bank from New York, to find business partners.

It is believed that the first Virgin Cruise-branded ships will begin sailing in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, before opening for the market in the Persian Gulf as well. The exact launch date of the venture is not yet known, but the media suggest that it could happen before 2019.

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