The State Duma has denied the report on the introduction of a tax on rowing boats and motorboats under 5 hp.

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Fishermen can sleep well - the State Duma has officially announced that it did not introduce a tax on rowing and motor boats with engines under 5 hp, about which a number of media reported extensively in recent days. The Ministry of Finance alsoconfirmed falsity of the reports circulated in the press.

Mass media had misinterpreted the amendments made to Part Two of the RF Tax Code, explained the authorities.

In the amendments, which were adopted on 4 April 2019, the specified category of vessels has indeed disappeared from the list of tax-exempt vehicles, but the exclusion is, as lawyers put it, «technical in nature». rowing boats and boats with motors up to 5 Hp have disappeared from Article 358 of the Tax Code, since it is already clear from the provisions of the Inland Water Transport Code that the above-mentioned water crafts should have been initially removed from the brackets of the relevant Article of the Tax Code. In other words, lawmakers have simply eliminated duplication.

By way of reminder, under the Inland Water Transport Code, vessels of up to 200 kg weight inclusive and engine power (if installed) of up to 8 kW (10.88 hp) inclusive as well as sports sailing vessels without engines which length shall not exceed 9 m and which are not equipped with rest places are not subject to state registration.

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