Four Russians joined «gold fleet» at the European Championship in RS:X class

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Alexander Askerov, Stefania Elfutina, Artem Akimov and AntonTokarev made it to«gold fleets» in their respective classes after two days of qualifying races.

Recall, European Championships and Youth European Championship in class RS:X started in Mallorca 9 April. Competitions will continue until April 13.

The best result in Russian team now is shown by Stefania Elfutina, who performs in adult women competition.

By the time of distribution to the fleets on the evening of April 10, she was at the 11th position in the rating (unfortunately, she lost the 10th place she held after the first day of qualification).

After the first three races in the new groups, which were held on April 11, the athlete retained her position. And that's despite the fact that her results were noticeably worse than those of the previous two days. If during the qualification Elfutina's worst result was the 10th place in the very first race of the championship, the third day of competition was clearly not good: 24-17-12 out of 40. The Russian is two points behind 10th-placed Spaniard Blanca Manchon.

Alexander Askerov in the men's adult fleet and Artem Akimov and Anton Tokarev in the youth men's fleet have less impressive positions. «They came 49th, 35th and 54th accordingly and found themselves in the second half of their» gold fleets with 52 and 55 best participants of the championship respectively.

Two (Askerov) and three (Akimov and Tokarev) races held on the next day moved them up to 47th, 37th and 55th places respectively. Artem Akimov had the best result of the day in this trio - 17th place in the first race.

Mikhail Alexandrov (youth competition) is 60th by the end of the second day of the competition, while the boundary of the fleets was 55-56th. The results of all three youth championship races were affected by the second race of the first day - the Russians were out of the race and have a provisional 56th place in the standings. In the other five qualifying races they often finished in the top thirty.

There is a feeling that previous to the championship the Cup of Princess Sofia in Olympic classes, where Vladislav Burmistrenko and Alexander Askerov won the fifth and sixth places, exhausted the athletes, and at the European Championship they have much less energy. Following the results of the championship qualification Burmistrenko was on the 58th place and got into the«silver fleet». The same fate befell EvgenyAivazyan (66th place in qualification). And this despite the fact that the windsurfer intentionally did not participate in the last three races at the Princess of Sophia Cup.

«During the first race of the adult fleet» Ayvazyan and Burmistrenko took 1 and 4 places, and 17 and 18 in the second race, but those good results, unfortunately, will not help them to climb high in the overall championship standings.

MariaLemenkova was also clearly affected by the previous Princess Sophia Cup. Although her coach dismissed her from the races towards the end of the competition, she'd started the championship from the 69th position in the adult women championship, and so far, unfortunately, she's dropped down by one position every day. There are a total of 75 female competitors in the adult championships.

«Fresh» Anna Khvorikova, who did not take part in the Olympic class regatta, shows a better result, but she is also only in«silver fleet»: at the end of three days she has 59th place in the overall ranking. Unfortunately, for the first 3 races in the«silver fleet» Russian rider fell down in the table by 7 positions at once.

Maxim Tokarev and Ilya Kirichuk(adults ) have the saddest positions at the end of three days: they are 80 and 89 among 104 athletes.

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