A circumnavigator was rescued after falling into the Pacific Ocean

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A British sailor almost became another victim of the Pacific Ocean. Foreign media tell the story of a sailor who last Monday was literally washed off the board of a yacht and was swept away by the waves from the vessel.

Andrew Taylor spent about 90 minutes in icy water. However, despite the strongest storm, the crew of the boat with the sailor managed to find the missing person and bring him back on board. The risky rescue operation was conducted 2,500 miles offshore.

At the moment the survivor is receiving medical help as he is suffering from shock and hypothermia.

The 70-foot yacht Derry Londonderry Doire, with 18 people aboard besides Taylor, was sailing from Qingdao to San Francisco and was taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, an amateur round-the-world race. In the race's 18-year history, this is only the fourth time a person has fallen overboard.

Officials reportedly plan to investigate the situation.

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