Yellow submarine in the Chuvash language: «golden» yacht sank near the berth of the Cheboksary Yacht Club

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Specialists are preparing to lift the golden yacht, which sank during the rain in Cheboksaryin the morning of June 28, from under the water on July 1. Due to incessant downpour and wind the boat had to lie on the bottom at the pier of the city yacht club opposite the Holy Trinity Orthodox Monastery for three days.

The yacht, which belonged to a local entrepreneur and was hired by the owner for 15,000 rubles an hour, sank in a matter of minutes.

«They say the porthole was open or it was knocked out (the wind today is up to 20 m/s in gusts from the NE - the yacht was not protected from it in any way), but I'm not sure if it was windy or not.But as an eye-witness I reckon the hull was either broken on the pier or it was cracked at the junction (the hull is metal). Sank in about 10-15 minutes, no more. But, objectively speaking, I did not look at the pier at the anchorage, I did not see any traces of the impact. The boat was built at home, in Chuvashia (if I am not mistaken), not a production model. Stern portholes are rather low, maybe it was really flooded», - commented on the news of the accident a local resident with the nickname 2001[LIFE] on the city forum.

Despite the fact that the photos show the left side of the boat moored on the right side of the pier, such an explanation does not contradict common sense.

«The boat is moored on the starboard side, the wind is from the port side, respectively, the leverage is as follows: a couple of meters above the water the starboard side is pushing the boat to the pier and the quay, and at water level and below, thanks to the contours, waves and strong wind, theThe port side is pressed down and to the pier, which may cause her to roll to the port side, where the water has accumulated», - explained 2001[LIFE].

The users of the resource also recalled that «golden» yacht is not the first yacht, which in strong winds broke on the pier of the yacht club.

«But they are louts themselves - they were badly tied up [the boat]», - added the commenter with a nickname enne, reflecting on the previous case.

The owner «of the golden» boat, according to his relative, was in Greece that day. The technically serviceable yacht was left under the supervision of her captain.

«The yacht had been on the water for three seasons, had survived both hail and heavy rains. There was no damage whatsoever. What happened in the absence of the owners will be found out, because before the departure the boat was in perfect condition», - the woman told the journalists of the Cheboksary portal «PRO Gorod».

It is not reported whether the boat was insured or not.

«The Golden» yacht was a peculiar landmark of Cheboksary.

In particular, on June 21, after the Cheboksary Cultural Forum, Marina Kim, presenter of the program «Good Morning» on«First» arranged a photo session on her.

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