Crowdfunding not a panacea: Dutchsail leaves the ranks of Cup contenders «»

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The Royal Maas Yacht Club and Royal Netherlands Yacht Club, under the leadership of Simeon Tienpont, have announced the discontinuation of preparations for the America's Cup «» . The competition in the brand new high-speed «winged» AC75 monohull class will take place in Auckland, New Zealand in 2021.

Dutchsail has been among the potential Cup entrants for a month longer than the Royal Malta Yacht Club's Malta Altus Challenge team. In the case of the latter, critical funding problems became known as early as mid-March, so news of the Malta Altus Challenge's decision was disappointing, but expected.

For its part, crowdfunding company Dutchsail seemed to be doing well, if not without difficulty, in preparing for the competition. Unlike the Maltese, the Dutch had no problem supporting the team at all levels.

Now, however, the Dutchsail suddenly announced that they believed that they would no longer have enough time to adequately prepare for the Cup.

Thus, out of the three teams that applied «late» for participation in the 36th America's Cup «» , only one - the American Stars + Stripes - remains in formation. The next X-May be on October 1. It is by this date that the next mandatory fee of one million dollars should be paid.

Meanwhile the big news from«the main» of the Cup contenders' camp was the launching of the third scaled-down copy of AC75. After English team INEOS and second American team American Magic, the Italians from Luna Rossa have finally begun full training on 14 June.

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