Poltava shipyard «» will show how ships of the past were built

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The historic shipyard «Poltava», located on the territory of St. Petersburg Yacht Club , invites to excursions. From May 1 everyone will be able to visit the 54-cannon linear ship «Poltava» - authentic replica of the ship that served the Fatherland in the times of Peter the Great.

The prototype ship, named after the decisive battle of the Great Northern War, was the first battleship launched in St. Petersburg with the participation of Peter the Great. The new «Poltava» is being built by the best industry specialists and will be the center of a large museum complex dedicated to the history of the Russian Navy.

At the moment the ship is not yet finished, but the visitors of the exposition will be able to see how exactly ships made of wood are constructed. There is an excursion with a story about the history of the warship and all the stages of reconstruction prepared for the visitors.

Similar projects exist not only in our country: in France the frigate «Hermione» is recreated, and in the Netherlands - the ship of the West India Company «Batavia».

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