«The Standard» will receive new sails

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The museum ship and active training sailing ship «Standart» will get new sails. The campaign, placed on the crowdfunding resource Boomstarter, was successful: more than 600,000 rubles have already been collected.

As creators of the project say, this sum will be enough to buy materials for sails. If donations will exceed 1 million rubles, they will be enough for sewing.

There are still 10 days till the end of the campaign.

«Standart» is an exact replica of the first ship of the Baltic fleet built by Peter the Great. Sailboat was reconstructed 14 years ago by a group of enthusiasts and during all this time it actively participated in life of the city on the Neva, and also in holidays and festivals in different corners of Europe. The ship has covered tens of thousands of miles and regularly goes out to sea, but most of the time it is open to all comers.

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