Through storms and squalls: the Peter the Great Bay Cup ended in Vladivostok

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The winner of the Peter the Great Bay Cup and Russian Championship in the class «Conrad 25P», which was held in Vladivostokfrom August23 to September 1, was the team «Foxtrot»Igor Soloveychik from the Vladivostok club «Seven Feet».

«It took us long years to [win] and finally the main cup is ours. We took turns at the helm, we swapped races. We had a big crew declared for all the races, we went in different line-ups, but everyone was cohesive and set up for maximum results. Probably, a sensible use of team strength was the main factor of the victory», said father and son Igor and Roman Soloveyiky.

«Silver» and«bronze» crews of «Poet» Andrey Pobedin and the winner of the last years «Artist» Dmitry Khodyrev, both representing the Sailing Federation of Nakhodka.

A special crossover cup «Blue Ribbon of the Sea of Japan», designed for the team that was fastest in total in all seven races, was awarded to Peregrine Falcone (Vladivostok, yachting club «Seven Feet»).

The absolute time of this crew, competing in ORC A classification group, was 63 hours, 55 minutes and 33 seconds.

Niskovsky Cup for winning the longest, 125-mile race of the regatta («Gulf of East») was won by crew «Accord» (Vladivostok, yachting club «Seven Feet») of Anatoly Kozhevnikov.

Altogether more than 300 people participated in Peter the Great Bay Cup this year with 42 teams. The oldest of them, captain of the yacht «Master» from Vladivostok Igor Popov is 78 years old.

The youngest participant of the Cup is 14-year-old Yulia Kuzubova who sailed as a member of the only in the regatta all-woman crew «Boomerang» (Vladivostok) by Daria Ischenko.

A fierce battle between the teams with a minimum lead was going on from the first to the last seconds of the regatta. According to the crew of «Foxtrot», the level of the teams has noticeably improved this year and it was particularly difficult to compete.

The weather in the Peter the Great Bay also did not let the competitors down.

«This year regatta was very difficult, on the one hand. On the other hand, it was interesting because it allowed us to try ourselves. We had everything: heat, sun, then rain, thunderstorms with squalls, but in the end no one from the fleet broke, everyone showed what they can do. I got an incredible charge of emotions», - says a member of the Vladivostok crew «Kamerton», Mikhail Chekalin, who came from Novorossiysk.

Apparently, the long race to Gamov cape was one of the most memorable ones. On the eve of the start two weather forecasts contradicted each other: one forecast calmness, the other - a squall. As it turned out later, they were both right.

Strong gusty wind from 15 to over 25 meters per second and heavy rain overtook the crews on the evening of August 29, just off the Gamov Peninsula.

Yacht «Gamma» (Vladivostok) even had to retreat from the race, its mainsail was torn.

Later stormy weather gave way to calm.

Although all regatta participants were affected by the vagaries of the weather one way or another, most of all «» the numerous, but small in terms of boat length fleet «Conrad 25P» suffered from them both times. Larger yachts managed to leave Gamov Cape earlier, so the main hit of the elements came to the water area behind them. Likewise, owing to their high speed they managed to skip the calm.

When at 7 a.m. on August 30 the winner of this race 15.24-meter Peregrine Falcone finished in Vladivostok, the fleet «Conrad 25P» was still adrift at the turning point of the route near Gamov cape waiting for wind. The main group of competitors finished this race between 18:00 and 21:25.

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