A Russian family living on a sailing yacht has created the largest marina aggregator in Europe

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Living and travelling on a yacht for three years is not only great, but also useful for those around you. At least that's exactly what happened in the case of theSurikov familywho created the Cheapmarina service thanks to their experience.

«In a year and a half we developed a service for yachtsmen - online calculator of moorings and services in Europe. The coolest thing is that we were able to make such service on a boat with children and with zero budget, while other big yachting industry participants do it withmultimillion budget, with a team of 60 people and since 2012», - Elena Surikova says proudly .

The site supports 5 languages, including Russian.

The current Cheapmarina database includes 6884 marinas, ports and harbors from 190 countries in Europe, NorthAfrica and the Middle East -more than the major competitors like

In addition, maps of marinas inCentral and South America are mapped but not yet fully populated.

For free each user of Cheapmarina can find on the interactive map a convenient marina, which is suitable for his or her boat. And the search can be conducted not only by city, but also by river, bay, bay, island and archipelago.

Registration on the site (it can be done in two clicks by linking the site profile on Facebook) and information about the yacht (basic technical parameters, as well as the name, flag and home port) allow the system to warn the client in advance about the lack of water depth at the shore or the carrying capacity of the crane.

The marina card also includes a mooring address and information on the ability to connect the boat to running water, shore power and Wi-Fi, as well as other available services like refuelling.

Cheapmarina's main benefits are revealed once you subscribe. Its full cost is €13 per month, but discounts can be caught.

After this, the user receives prices for mooring in the selected marina with all port charges, VAT and services included.

The price is calculated to the nearest cent and exactly for the specific boat. Cheapmarina users who subscribe can count on discounts for long-term mooring of the yacht.

«We are the first to be able to count on a long-term yacht berth»," draws the attention of Elena.

Favourite marinas can always be added to the «favourites list» to find the right card quicker next time.

As a free «trial access» service opens maximum of its functions for seven cards. This way users are supposed to be able to compare prices on the website with real prices, finding marinas they already know well on the map and making sure of the quality of the information on Cheapmarina.

«If for your chosen marina cost is not known to us or not published on the site - such marina does not count», - add to Cheapmarina.

So far, 100% of the subscription can be used only for marinas in Spain.

But soon the creators will make this functionality available for Croatia , Belgium and France, andeventually for other countries. In addition, it is planned to add information about winter and land mooring places and possibility to book marina berths online.

The service motivates users to help enrich the database. Valuable information will be rewarded, so that in the end you can earn yourself a free subscription. Bonuses are also awarded if an invited friend subscribes to the service.

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