Pool and aquarium 2 in 1: Baglietto presents the renders of the 65-metre V-LINE

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For the second year, visitors to Italian shipyard Baglietto's presentationat the Monaco show can watch the process of creating the 54-metre V-Line motor yacht with a design by FrancescoPaszkowski' s studio.In 2018, the company only showed a concept sketch of a boat inspired by the world's first superyacht (in the modern sense of the word), the 35.6-metre Adler. It was Baglietto that launched her back in 1987.

This time spectators were shown renders of the completely redesigned V-Line. Only from the outside, though.

«What's so special about this boat with» slightly retro-design, besides its famous prototype? She is truly full of surprises!

The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the glazing. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the upper and main decks allow natural light to flood the interior spaces. However, they are tinted to hide the construction of the decks from the observer. «A particular eye-catcher is the glazed pavilion» on the aft main deck. From the outside you would never guess that inside, guests are enjoying themselves in the«conservatory».

The concept of the yacht is built on a play with light and water, so the glazing on the V-Line is encountered not only vertically but also horizontally. One skylight has been added to the upper deck above«conservatory», and the upper deck itself gets more sun due to the glass «honeycombs» aft of the flybridge. Below them, there will be a dining area for al fresco dining.

One of the main features of the V-Line will be a swimming pool on the upper deck.

It will be located directly above the aquarium on the main deck. The transparent bottom will create the illusion of diving while bathing in the pool.

In the real sea, a swim will be possible by going down to the lower deck, to the flooded garage for the 10-metre tender. When lowered into the water, the garage can be used as another swimming pool and the adjacent beach club can be extended with foldable sideboards. True, all water toys will be stored on the bow. This extra garage will have space for two jet skis and a second 5.4m tender.

A sauna and hammam will be located on the lower deck. In addition, if the area for the tender is covered, the space can be used as a gymnasium.

Apart from swimming and sunbathing, the V-Line will also offer movie marathons, a large full-width screen on the upper deck definitely providing an opportunity for entertaining.

A maximum of 12 guests will be accommodated on board. The master stateroom and the VIP with its own lounge will be placed on the main deck. The following four guest cabins will be located on the lower deck.

As to what kind of V-Line engines will be used, it is not known yet. Like a year ago, the yard announced that they are scrutinizing several possible variants including hybrid ones.

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