PROYachting evening regatta series winners determined

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The PROYachting Evening Series winners will be awarded in November during the annual «Man of the Year Awards». But the names and line-ups of the three teams that will take to the stage that evening are already known.

There have been a total of 21 regattas during the season in theTuesday Warm-Up Race and Wednesday Night Race series. And the newPROyachting Fun Raceseries for novice helmsmen had 17 regattas.

The TREM Sailing team, which stopped one step away from winning last year, became the champion of the Wednesday Night Race.

«We achieved this result because we had a strong team, well-organized athletes who race a lot together and understand each other at a glance. I think in this respect we had a serious advantage. We have chosen this series, because on Wednesdays strong crews take part and it's interesting to compete with», - says a crew member Alexandra Peterson.

This year TREM beat its nearest rivals, «East-West», by 14 points.

But in the series of Tuesday Warm-Up Race this year, the cup will not go to a new owner. The team «Moscow 24» became the champion for the second year in a row.

«This season was the fourth and perhaps the most difficult for the team. First of all, we lost a strong crew member from the very beginning. Secondly, at the beginning of the season we did not manage to form a comfortable lead over our rivals. By the end of June we were even slipping down to fourth place in the overall standings, all of which added to our nervousness at every regatta. Our results are also quite telling: we took first place in the regatta only once during the whole season», - shares his impressions the permanent member of the team, Denis Elakhovsky .

The fate of the first place in the series was decided by the last race of the season. The «East-West team» was in the lead after the second of the five races of the final regatta. But«Moscow 24» managed to win back.

The Bars crew became the first champions of the PROyachting Fun Race.

«Races in the middle of the work week and "on-the-job" is a very successful format for the city. We didn't think which series of races to participate in. Taking into account the fact that for the first time we got together at the beginning of the year with almost complete lack of experience not only on J70, but also in general participation in the races, it was probably the only option for us», - says Bars member Ivan Okorokov.

The team «Admiral Makarov» lacked 4 points to win this series.

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