«drowning simulator appeared on the web»

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Racing yachts can be fun as well as dangerous. «So that private boat owners don't forget that, a drowning simulator has appeared on the web».

Posted on a special website called Sortie En Mer (translated as «Going to sea») an interactive film shows exactly what a person overboard sees.

This first-person viewer gets a feel for the situation, but that's not all. The viewer can not only observe what is happening, but also influence the events. Thus, the user of the site should try to save the hapless sailor.

It is not very easy: the sinking sailor is gradually losing strength, and it is attributed to the waves of the ship. To find out whether the victim sinks or not, it is better to try to work with the simulator yourself (although the influx of those wishing to read the online application slightly «put» resource, which instantly became popular).

The simulator is part of an advertising campaign by Guy Cotten, a firm that sells seafaring equipment, including life jackets.

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