Captain and mate sued for sex on board that led to several collisions and grounding


InAustralia, the46-year-old captain of the 80-foot charter yacht Crystal Blue and his 26-year-old assistant were found guilty of negligence and dereliction of duty after the boat they were working on ran aground first into a navigation buoy, then into another boat, and then ran aground. This was reported by the International Boat Industry website.

The incident, which resulted in $140,000 in damages for Crystal Blue Yacht Charters, happened last year.

Cheya Handley , 26, who was working as a deckhand aboard Crystal Blue's 80-foot luxury yacht, told a court that on March 3 she had been drinking and then had sexual intercourse with yacht captain Jeremy Piggott.

While they were busy with each other on the bow, no one was on watch, of course. In the meantime, Piggott was trying to steer the yacht back to the Gold Coast in the darknessby remote control.

The yacht eventually hit a navigation buoy, collided with another boat and eventually washed ashore.

The court fined the captain $4,000 and his assistant a $1,000 fine and released them both on good behavior bail.