A Polish designer has developed a concept for an autonomous village made of houseboats

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Boats designed for permanent living aboard are gaining popularity and, in the future, houseboats could become a serious alternative to life on land. Moreover, scientists believe that the melting of the glaciers will cause sea levels to rise higher and higher, so sooner or later, the day will come when humans will be forced to move to the water for good.

Taking this perspective into account, Polish independent designerWojciech Morszty came up with the Ocean Community concept - the formation of colonies of compact, futuristic«capsule»houses on the water. Houseboats will be able to moor to small artificial islands within 800 meters of the shoreline, thus forming compact towns.

The houseboats have two levels and great panoramic views. The interiors, already bursting with natural light, look even more airy thanks to the neutral color scheme.

The electricity used in the houseboats has to be generated from renewable sources: wind, solar and water power.

«The houses are also supposed to be equipped with» shells with systems of water intake and filtration of outside water. All together will ensure full autonomy while the owners and their families are on board their hausbots.

«In the next 10-15 years sea level rise may lead to irreversible environmental changes. These fully functional living spaces, linked with the existing onshore infrastructure, will become a natural extension of the coastal cities», says the author of the project.

The designer hopes that his idea will be realized by 2035.

Initially, the fee for the right to become a member of the Ocean Community will be more than decent, but as the technology develops the price will go down, and after some time the cost of one houseboat promises to be approximately £150,000.

The concept has already won the prestigious Red Dot Design Concept Award - 2019.

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