Sochi Seaport Authority disclosed the depths at berths and moorings in the port water area

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Captain of Sochi sea portVyacheslav Rumyantsev has signed an order to declare the depth and maximum allowable draft of vessels at berths and anchorages in the port water area. Depths were measured in June 2019.

Depths and maximum permissible draught of vessels are specified for the water area and berths of the Cruise Harbor and Inner Harbor, Cargo area of the port at the mouth of the Mzymta River, marine passenger terminals, anchorage areas and recommended approaches to the port.

In the operational waters of the Inner and Cruise Harbors the minimum depth was 1 meter. The maximum permissible draught in this place was 0.7 meters. At the same time the design depth at the berths in this place is 1.03-1.63 meters.

In the passenger piers' water area the minimum depth is 3 meters with the design depth of the piers in this location being 3.95 meters. The maximum permissible draught is 2.4 meters.

Depths are measured from zero level of Sochi seaport: -0,57 meters in the Baltic height system of 1977. During the measurements the lowest depths in the operational water areas of the berths are taken into account, starting from two meters from the cordon line. They are maintained during navigation in accordance with the depths list.

The maximum permissible draught of ships is determined taking into account the minimum water reserve under the keel. In the inner harbor and at berths 1-3 in the Cargo area it is not less than 0.3m, and in the Cruise Harbour and at berths 4-7 in the Cargo area, it is not less than 0.6 m.

Also the document specifies the coordinates of three points in the Inner Harbor shipping lane and in the Cruise Harbor water area that pose a navigational hazard.

In these three points the depth difference exceeds 0.6 meters. The coordinates can be viewed in the document.

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