Superyacht marinas to be added in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia's marinas lack enough parking for superhyats. Marina developers are seeking to address the recent problem, Reuters reports.

The region currently accounts for only 9 percent of global yacht sales, but this number is growing very fast. It is growing almost as fast as the number of local multimillionaires seeking to own increasingly large, privately owned boats. Appropriate infrastructure is emerging at a much slower pace.

The most notable shortages of marinas are in Hong Kong and Singapore, the world's leading business centres. «Even the very expensive marinas there are almost fully stocked».

According to Bill Green, director of Camper & Nicholson First Eastern, it is almost impossible to use the boats - the marinas are far apart and crowded. Once out at sea, you can't be sure you'll be able to berth a boat in the nearest port.

Measures are being taken to remedy the situation. «Last month the Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, announced that the biggest private marina in Southeast Asia, with 1000» parking spaces, will be built in Melaka. Construction is also planned in Thailand, with new marinas expected to appear in the resort town of Krabi. In Indonesia there will be more marinas for yachts over 24 meters in size (but where it is not specified in the publication).

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