Fedor Konyukhov: 500 miles to Australia

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Fedor Konyukhov said that he has almost finished his journey: only 500 miles to the finish line.

It means that the paddle boat «Turgoyak» will soon reach Australian shores (three days ago Konyukhov announced that it would be 700 miles to the Mooloolaba Yacht Club, where the sailor is moored).

It also became known that «Turgoyak» came to 163 degrees east longitude, exactly 10 degrees to the finish.

The traveler not only shared the joyful news of the imminent completion of the journey, but also told about the hard days. According to his words it is windy and stormy in the Pacific Ocean, the boat goes «on its own way» at the speed of three knots - it is impossible and it is not safe to row. Cooking and being active too, so most of the time you just have to lie around, «work as ballast».

Recall that the journey «On oars across the Pacific» began in December 2013: then a small boat launched from the Higuerillas Yacht Club in Chile.

You can follow the course of the risky transoceanic crossing at

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