Multiple sclerosis patients will go around the world

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The Danish non-profit organization Sailing Sclerosis Foundation, a foundation for multiple sclerosis patients, has unveiled a vessel - a 20-metre sailing ship Oceans of Hope («Oceans of Hope») - which will soon set sail around the world.

It will be carrying people on board who wish to prove that the diagnosis «Multiple Sclerosis» is not a hindrance to yachting. Yachtsmen not suffering from the disease will not be in the crew.

According to preliminary calculations, the round-the-world trip will last 17 months.

The start of sailing is planned for June 15. The ship will depart from Copenhagen and visit more than 30 ports in different countries before returning to Europe.

During the ship's stops, events will be held in ports to raise awareness of the problem of multiple sclerosis and encourage sufferers not to give up.

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