Danish Yachts unveils flybridge «aerocruiser»

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Danish Yachts shipyard has unveiled a new yacht from the «line of Aerocruisers». The AeroCruiser 38 II Fly was designed by Jespen Oeino and is the flybridge version of the Aerocruiser 38 II.

The prefix «aero-» is not coincidental: the design of the boat has an aviation theme, but with a passion for the sea, as its creators point out.

Compared to previous models, this one has more space for socializing thanks to reworking and intelligent division of seats. The forward seating area is now more spacious and comfortable, with seating for dining and sunbathing.

The lightweight carbon fiber hull allows the yacht to reach 50 knots cruising speed and the boat has a cruising range of 20-30 knots and a cruising range of 1500 nautical miles. She is 35 metres long and 7.5 metres wide. Up to 10 guests can be accommodated on board.

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