In Saratov they discussed the establishment of shipyard jointly with China

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Saratov may start yacht production. Such information is spread by regional mass media.

According to the press-secretary of the city mayor, Oleg Grishchenko, Saratov mayor discussed prospects of small boats and yachts production in the region with a number of Chinese investors. In particular the official had a meeting with representatives of Guangdong Poly Marine Engineering. This company independently designs boats, sells finished products in Europe, USA and Australia. One of them may appear in Russia.

Both Russia and China may benefit from this cooperation. Saratov, located on the bank of the Volga River, has a convenient geographical location. Establishment of a new large-scale enterprise will make it possible to provide jobs for local residents, contribute to infrastructure development, and replenish the municipal budget.

It is not clear yet how serious the officials' plans are.

For the time being, one working meeting has been held and negotiations will be continued.

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