A nuclear submarine helped refuel a boat

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Last weekend, a nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet came to the aid of a boat in the White Sea.

On Sunday the owner of the 11-metre vessel sent a distress signal. The cutter «Barents-1100» with four people aboard was staying at Letny Navolok Cape in Onega Bay and needed urgent refueling: because of a strong storm the cutter had to change the course and was far away from the coast having wasted the fuel reserves.

According to ITAR-TASS, all rescue services were notified about the situation. A rescue boat «Blizzard» and cutter «Leader», as well as helicopter Mi-8 were sent to the place of distress.

However, the first to arrive was «Voronezh», a submarine cruiser of the Northern Fleet.

The crew of«Voronezh» took the sailors onboard, none of them were injured. The submarine was refueled with diesel fuel, delivered by helicopter. No rescue boat assistance was required.

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