The main symbol «Scarlet Sails» arrives in St. Petersburg

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The Swedish classic sailing ship Tre Kronor, which has become the main symbol of the event «Scarlet Sails», will moor today in the Sea Port of St. Petersburg.

The giant, whose name means «Three Crowns», will replace the traditional white sails with red ones. In addition, the yacht will be fitted with light fittings. In just a few days the Tre Kronor will be ready to sail the Neva, welcoming the school leavers.

This will be the fifth time the brig takes part in the festivities.

The sailboat is an exact copy of the ship Gladan launched in 1857 with the hull length of 46 metres and 330 tonnes displacement. The ship has 16 sails with a maximum area of 730 square meters.

Let us explain that «Scarlet Sails» is an annual holiday, which brings together graduates from all Russian cities. As a rule, the program of the graduation ball includes a light show and concerts.

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