Young athlete received «bionic leg» for yachting

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«Young yachtsman Laurence Greenough has become the first Briton to receive a yachting-adapted smart prosthesis». Laurence lost his leg in a boating accident around 8 years ago.

The Genium X3 prosthesis, originally designed for the military, has been redesigned and is now suitable for water sports. Specifically, the prosthetic has been given a waterproof coating and a special mode that will allow the athlete to sail without feeling discomfort. The prosthetic is controlled by a transmitter that communicates with «the bionic» leg via Bluetooth.

Lawrence said that the prosthesis feels virtually uncomfortable and brings no restrictions when sailing.

«It feels completely natural. Everything feels reliable. The control of my leg doesn't require a lot of energy.» I feel safe and I can relax and just go about my business," said the yachtsman, who has already tried out the medical device on a 37-foot yacht.

Before his accident, Mr Greenough was an up-and-coming athlete, having been awarded Raymarine Young Sailor of the Year in 2007. In the «adult category» this title was awarded to Ben Ainslie and Ellen McArthur (also in 2007).

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