Naughty child forced parents to interrupt three-year-old swimming

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Kim and Simon Brown, who embarked on a three-year voyage on a 56-foot yacht, decided to return home early.

Planning to explore the Mediterranean before heading to the Caribbean, the couple lost their jobs and mortgaged their home. However, after three months in the ocean, they had to turn back. The reason was the terrible behavior of three-year-old Sienna, whom they took with them.

On her blog, Kim reported that the child has become simply unrecognizable and it's unclear if she can handle the strain: «I'm not sure Sienna can handle the journey. The unpredictability of yachting, the inability to work out routines, and the lack of communication with her peers has changed her a lot, she is completely disobedient».

In order not to traumatize the girl's psyche, her parents decided to stop sailing early and return to the United Kingdom.

Earlier this spring another traveling family had to interrupt their round-the-world trip. However, for a much more unpleasant reason: the child, whom they also took on board, got sick. The girl needed urgent help from rescuers.

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