The Coast Guard helped an intruder steal a yacht

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The Coast Guard of Orange County (California, USA) accidentally helped 32-year-old Richard Rodriguez to steal a yacht worth $3 million.

The perpetrator made his way onto the 78-foot vessel, but got stuck between the docks while trying to get away from the mooring. Caught in a tricky situation, the man did not get confused: he called the agency and said he needed help. Rescuers arrived and helped the boat to move out of the way. A well-manned security detail escorted the boat all the way to the harbor mouth.

«The man did not behave unusually. He was clearly familiar with the boat and said he was a close acquaintance of its owner», the Coast Guard recalled.

The fact that the yacht was missing and did not belong to the caller was discovered only the next day. Fortunately, the intruder had not managed to get far away and the vessel was caught up. Rodriguez, who was drunk at the time, attempted to ram the police boat in the stolen yacht. The circumstances of the case are being clarified.

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