Parents of a child who fell ill on a round-the-world trip decided to sue

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Charlotte Kaufman, known for cruising around the world with her husband and daughters and being evacuated from the boat after one child fell ill, is suing the satellite operator. The complaint was filed in San Diego Superior Court last Monday.

According to American, the provider is guilty of failing to provide service to the Kaufmans, thereby forcing them to first contact rescuers with a radio beacon and then abandoning the expensive boat at sea.

According to the plaintiff, Whenever Communications LLC deactivated her SIM card even though all bill payments were made in good standing. Due to the lack of connectivity, Ms. Kaufman was unable to reach the family doctor, who initially treated her ill daughter remotely. The doctor was also unable to reach her traveling patients.

The Kaufman family is seeking damages from the provider for all damages resulting from the inability to treat the child themselves.

No comment has yet been received from the defendant in the case. The U.S. Coast Guard, which evacuated the family from the yacht, does not comment on the news either.

Recall that the Kaufman family was forced to stop sailing around the world this spring after their daughter fell ill. The actions of the family, which put the life of the child in danger, were criticized by society. According to some experts, the family had to pay for the work of the rescue team ($660,000).

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