The round-the-world yacht «Gagarin» is recruiting hitchhikers

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The project «Gagarin» is looking for like-minded people. They are looking for permanent crew members (2-3 persons) on the yacht, who will become full-fledged participants of the round-the-world expedition during the whole trip. In addition, everyone will be able to visit the ship as a guest. You can choose the time on board yourself. There will be one double cabin available for guests. If necessary, two.

To apply for participation, you need to contact the captain, Maxim Pechyonik, via «Contacts» on the official website of the project or via social networks.

Then you will need to wait for confirmation and buy tickets.

Amateur round-the-world cruise on the yacht «Gagarin» is created to show that such trips are available not only for professionals or wealthy people. Her crew plans to circumnavigate the earth twice. Short-term plans are to leave Europe and sail to Morocco before August 20, to sail to Morocco till the end of October, then to sail to Canary Islands.

You can learn more about the project from our interview with its initiator, Maxim Pechyonik.

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