America's Cup «» has claimed millions of dollars worth of free hotels

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The organizers of the America's Cup «» insist that the host city provide the event's sponsors with hotel rooms free of charge. This is the information circulated in the press by representatives of San Diego.

According to them, the organizing committee of America's Cup requested 10,000 free hotel nights in the city, as well as 7,500 hotel nights at a 50 percent discount to accommodate sponsors.

The city's response to the requests has been very subdued and cold, as meeting the stated conditions will cost the region several million dollars. More expensive than officials had hoped.

For now, however, city officials are not giving up the fight to host the sporting event. Recall that San Diego's competitor is Bermuda. There is no information on what Bermuda's requirements were.

Which team made the challenge to the winner of the last regatta, Oracle Team, became known on August 22. However, the procrastination with the choice of venue has spoiled the blood of all participants - it is hard to find a sponsor for such an expensive venture when it is not known where it will be held.

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