Igor Lobanov designed a megayacht

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Studio Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee presented to the public a concept of an eight-deck megayacht.

The 132-meter project «Star» (Star) has an unusual shape - from the middle of the symmetric hull «grows» spire, rising 60 meters above the waterline.

«The idea for the Star belongs to Alex Malybaev from the FIRMA agency. We exchanged some thoughts with him and wondered why modern boats look so similar. During the conversation, Malybaev took a napkin, sketched something on it, and asked: "What about creating something like this?". I really liked the sketch, so I got to work. I wanted to prove that the boat could look like this»," comments Igor Lobanov on the project.

Assuming the boat is ever built, it will be able to accommodate 36 guests for a night and about 200 for a pleasant time. The intended use of Star is supposed to be a hotel on the water.

Star is equipped with a diesel-electric azipod system. Hypothetically, she is capable of speeds up to 18 knots.

We would like to remind you that Igor Lobanov was named the best designer of 2013. Among his projects there is a conceptual megayacht «Phoenicia», about which we already wrote not once.

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