Nuytco Research has created a personal spacesuit submarine

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Megayacht owners may soon have not only personal bathyscaphes, but also spacesuits that allow them to dive to depths of up to 305 meters. Nuytco Research is working on the Exosuit Atmospheric Diving System (ADS), which is «a certified human-shaped submarine».

Using this device, a diver will be able to spend 12 hours underwater: a constant pressure of one atmosphere is maintained inside the diving suit. In case of an emergency, the suit is outfitted with 50 hours of oxygen and an additional battery pack to extend the life of the onboard electronics.

The Exosuit will weigh 227-272 kg. Its outer surface is made of aluminum alloy and the ends of the mechanical arms are equipped with small «tweezers» for operations requiring precision. In addition, LEDs, cameras for video recording and sonar can be attached to the suit.

It is reported that the project has been under development since 2000. The exact date of space suit appearance on «shelves» is not named, however it is known that its cost will be about $500 thousand.

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