U-Boat Worx demonstrates a Ferrari-style submarine

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Dutch company U-Boat Worx has shown a new product, a compact personal submarine for two people - HP Sport Sub 2. The submersible is designed specifically for owners of yachts from 30 meters in length.

The HP Sport Sub 2 will allow diving to a depth of 100 meters, weighs about 2200 kg and has a height of only 136 centimeters. The red-black lacquered vessel's exterior is inspired by Ferrari cars.

The cost of the product - € 1 million. The expected start of sales - autumn 2015.

Note that in recent years there is an interest of the market in underwater vehicles. Thus, a little earlier U-Boat Worx already demonstrated a bathyscaphe Super Yacht Sub 3 for transportation of three people, and manufacturer Nuytco Research boasted «certified submarine in the form of a man» (and simply put, «smart spacesuit»).

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