A Russian sailing vessel is in distress off the coast of Greece

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A Russian sailing ship is in distress off the coast of Greece «St. Peter»: On 26 October 2014, the ship was thrown onto the rocks of one of the Ionian Islands. As a result of a strong impact, a 1 m by 60 cm hole appeared in the hull of the sailing vessel.

According to media reports, the Greek side refused to carry out the rescue operation for free, requesting from the crew of the vessel €26 thousand. To quickly find the required funds, representatives of «St. Peter» opened a page in a social network and began to accept donations. At the moment the necessary amount has not been collected.

«The situation is complicated by the fact that a strong storm is coming on the Greek coast - it can finish the already damaged sailboat».

Let us explain that «St. Peter» is a wooden three-masted vessel, which is a copy of a Pomeranian boat of the XV century. It is 16 m long and 6, 5 m wide.

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