Navigation on Russian rivers will be closed on November 24

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The 2014 season is coming to a close. This glorious «boating» time we spent in Royal Yach Club, «Burevestnik», yacht club «Gals» and other hot spots of Moscow and Moscow suburbs gathering motor and sailing community. Yacht-clubs have already served their purpose and summed up the season with shashliks, dances and regattas in October (someone was out partying in warm November days as well).

Officially, navigation will end on the following dates. On «Moskva Canal» it will be closed on November 17 (some waterways closed on November 10), in the basin «Volgo-Balt» - November 15, in «Volgo-Donskiy GBUVPiS» - November 22, «Azovo-Don GBUVPiS» - November 20, «Kubanskiy GBUVPiS» - November 20. On «Volga GBUPS» season will last the longest - until November 19, 20 or 24 depending on the waterway.

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