Poachers' vessels sink in Indonesia

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Indonesia has launched a crackdown on illegal fishing. President Joko Widodo has ordered the sinking of all vessels seen poaching off the country's coast, including foreign vessels.

It is proposed to do so as a deterrent measure. « Arrests have become an ineffective means of combating illegal fishermen. If border guards sink 10 or 20 vessels, the poachers will think twice. Of course, people on board the boats will be rescued», - specify the representatives of the authorities.

In addition to the presidential decree, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Research Susi Pujiastuti has called for the confiscation and burning of poaching boats.

Earlier the government of Indonesia announced plans to attract tourists on yachts to the region. For foreign guests will simplify the procedure for registering ships in ports, and will also allow long mooring.

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