A Japanese company has designed an underwater city

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Japanese company Shimizu Corporation has presented a concept of an underwater city. «The project is a 75-storey building in the form of several spheres on spiral legs» which will not only anchor the construction to the ocean floor, but also allow the spheres to dive out of the water, then plunge into the depths.

The spheres could become a home for five thousand people who will be placed in a thousand houses-sections. In addition, the concept provides for the construction of a hotel with 400 rooms and 50 thousand square meters of office space.

Energy to feed an underwater colony is proposed to get with the help of microorganisms producing methane.

Technology that will allow the project to become a reality, according to the developers, will appear by 2030. After the technologies appear, it will take about 5 years and $25 billion to build the residential complex.

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