Designers fit a kayak into a backpack

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American designers from Oru start selling updated version of the folding kayak with the same name. The boat, folding in the manner of origami figure, became more convenient, nice-looking and roomier than the previous version.

Kayak is made of two-layer Coroplast plastic, has a length of 12 feet and weighs about 12.7 kg. Thanks to special curves on the hull, the kayak rolls up so that it becomes its own package and takes the form of a large briefcase (which, if not convenient to carry on the shoulder, can be converted to a backpack).

The form factor makes the product surprisingly transportable, which is why Oru has already won a number of prestigious design awards.

Cost of the new version of the product, first shown back in 2012 and has since managed to break a big score on Kickstarter and conquered the media, is $ 1495.

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