A dog survived a shipwreck and returned home

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A Sausalito resident has been reunited with his four-legged pet whom he thought had died during a storm, media reports said. The dog managed to escape from a sunken boat, swim 1,500 miles and return to his hometown.

According to the faithful dog's owner, Steve Alioto, he kept his boat anchored at sea. Since the man was using the boat as his home, his companion, a dog named Babe, was on board, among other valuables.

Last week, when Alioto was not at home, a violent and prolonged storm broke out during the night, causing the watercraft to go down. Seeing that the boat had disappeared under the water, with waves raging on the surface, the owner thought that the pet was dead.

However, this was not the case. The dog had survived the storm and reached the shore in the darkness. Once on land, it made its way to the local church, where it had been fed. A local church minister recognized the animal and helped it reunite with its owner.

«He came up to me and said: "Your dog's name is Babe?" I replied that was her name. Then he asked me again: "But it says Babe on the collar, doesn't it?" I said: "Yes." "She's alive," the pastor said then, and I cried»," Steve Alioto recalled.

Now the dog and her owner are temporarily without a home; they live on their friend's boat.

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