An athlete who fell out of a boat swam nine miles

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On Thursday, January 8, former Miami Dolphins player Rob Conrad, fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, fell out of his boat, but managed to make it to shore. As reports USA Today, being on board, the athlete was unable to catch up with the 36-foot boat, which was on autopilot, but decided not to give up - a man tried to get to land swimming.

American football player was able to reach the shore, covering 9 miles (about 14.5 km) and spent about 12 hours (according to other reports, even more). Once on land, he immediately made contact with the local sheriff and was subsequently taken by Florida authorities to the hospital with hypothermia, dehydration, and minor scrapes.

According to local Coast Guard officials, Rob Conrad's friends managed to file a missing person report on the 38-year-old athlete, but the man was ashore before a rescue helicopter took to the air. His boat was found the next day near Grand Bahama.

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