Enthusiasts proposed to create «Facebook» for ships

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The International Maritime Organization published the results of a public discussion of ways to overcome administrative barriers. One of the proposals was the idea to create «"Facebook" for ships».

The essence of the idea is that accredited citizens could gain access to certificates of ships electronically. According to the organization, this should be done so that inspectors would not have to spend a lot of time searching for necessary documentation and paperwork, and ship owners and captains could focus on direct work with the watercraft rather than paperwork.

However, it will not be possible to implement the idea, in favor of which the majority of people have expressed their opinion, right away. Even if the idea is adopted, new regulatory acts will have to be introduced before agencies can move to electronic document management.

The organization learned the public's opinion by publishing a survey online. In 2013, over a six-month period, shareholders expressed their opinion on the topic of reducing bureaucracy; most of them unequivocally endorsed the need for a full-fledged, extensive industrial electronic network.

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