EMERCOM of St. Petersburg will fight rudeness on the water


The coming year will become for rescuers of the Northern Capital a year of fight against rudeness on the water. According to the Head of the Main Department of the Emergency Ministry of Russia in St. Petersburg Leonid Belyaev, the department will pay more attention to the owners of hydrocycles and other water crafts, which behave in a rude way. For instance, they deliberately splash people around with water.

«Rude people on the water are far from poor, as a rule, businessmen, with a staff of lawyers, or with dual citizenship. It is difficult to fight them by conventional means»," the local media reported Belyaev as saying.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Emergency Situations is quite determined and plans to change the situation, «eradicate the outrage», joining forces with the police and using the experience of previous years.

In 2014, the department «searched» addresses of yacht clubs, where «boors» left their jet skis, and sent the watercraft to the impound lot, in 12 months 27 small vessels were arrested. Now the yacht clubs themselves may be held liable.