Harbour opening took place «Christophe Harbour»

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The harbour «Christophe Harbour» was officially opened. The event, held in mid-February, drew about a dozen yachts from 45 to 73 meters in length. Guests of the event (about 1,500 people) watched a reggae concert and a festive fireworks display.

At the time of the opening, the harbour was fully operational with 24 anchorages.

Already now at «Christof Harbour» you can park your yacht, refuel and go through customs clearance.

There are no buildings in the marina's waterfront area yet. The first of the planned facilities will be erected by early 2016. It will contain a sports hall, recreation area, customs office, real estate sales offices.

« Christophe Harbour» is a unique marina on the southeast coast of St. Kitts. It is an ideal port of call, a participant in the government's «Citizenship through Investment program».

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